When Wu wears WOO

A very sweet girlfriend sent me a beautiful silk and cashmere scarf from Shanghai that I could not wait to wear and share with you. The soft turquoise and lime colored creation is made by Shanghai Woo, a Chinese luxury brand created by Stephen Sun that specializes in silk and cashmere scarves. Sun began creating his one of a kind masterpieces in 2002 when his friend the late Chinese artist Chen Yifei, told him that while he often went to Paris, he felt ashamed at never seeing any luxury brands representing where he came from. "China has a splendid, magnificent culture of 5,000 years," Sun said. "His story really moved me. I thought for one week, and I had the idea to build a new brand."

Sun takes pride in harnessing the artisanal expertise in the Wu region, which encompasses Shanghai; Hangzhou, Zhejiang; and Suzhou, Jiangsu - areas renowned for their fine silk and has the best artisans in Suzhou hand embroidery his pieces. With an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and an obsession for perfection, Woo sources its cashmeres, silks and other materials from Inner Mongolia. "Luxury is about culture and if a product doesn't convey its culture, then it loses its value. Just as the pattern of each ancient Chinese bronze created thousands of years ago has a symbolic and significant meaning, the designs and patterns on WOO scarves, shawls and fashion accessories embody stories with a soul.” Stephen Sun is on a mission to dispel the myth that the "made in China" reputation, which he said is "very bad". "I want to prove, to tell all the consumers in the world, that 'created in China' is good”

For this look, I am proudly featuring my WOO scarf as a halter underneath a white Caroline Constas boyfriend Shirt Dress (Featured again here) over a pair of mid-rise Dries Van Noten Yellow Powell satin trousers that flare ever-so-slightly. Also, I wrapped a yellow satin with multi-colored tassel belt from one of my favorite Colombian designers, Silvia Tcherassi. I wanted to give a little dimension and silhouette to the long white shirt and pull from the yellow in the trousers. You may recall that I styled these trousers very differently when I first posted them here and reiterates my theory that investing in what you really love will remain in your closet over time! On that same note, I am wearing a favorite multi-colored geometric sandal that’s from Christinan Louboutin’s Fall 2015 collection which have held up beautifully over time and still make me happy whenever I wear them.

For bags, I could go in several directions, but one that stands out is a clutch I found by a young designer named Kipenzi Chidinma who creates and produces her own line called Lineij. The white handcrafted Italian Saffiano leather and blue crocodile accent of the Kate Clutch (Pictured below) would be an ideal pick for its beautiful and modern aesthetic.

I recommend checking out the magnificent pieces on the Linej and Shanghai Woo website. Their offerings are truly magnificent works of art.

Wishing you all a very happy week and …#onlyjoy

XO Kathleen

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 11.12.19 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 11.12.38 AM.png