Up, up and away!



To say this month has been uplifting would be understating the joy and gratitude I am feeling in  every cell of my being. To kick off a weekend celebration of love (and friendship), I am wearing Dries Van Noten Yellow Powell satin trousers with a blossom print on the leg. They are wonderfully comfortable with a mid rise, tapered waist and a slightly cropped length that flares ever so slightly. I love how the yellow poppies in the stripped long sleeve Proneza long sleeve stripped Ikat shirt tie in perfectly with the pants, and the black and white stripes add a little pow!. For accessories, my denim blue Jimmy Choo's accentuated the beautiful shades of blue in the trousers as did my Hermes belt. And what would any outfit be without something from the heart?  A beautiful Amber necklace from my BFF.  


#onlyjoy #onlylove


xo Kathleen