In a New York Minute....

It occurred to me while in New York City how different a neighborhood can be in just a matter of blocks. It’s one of the things I love about going back, along with people watching. I adore living in Dallas and am lucky to have such an extraordinary life here, but it’s always fun to visit my roots and take in the flavor and pace of NYC.

For this visit, I had meetings downtown and wanted to have layers for the overly air conditioned offices and restaurants. I brought my favorite knee length Donna Karan hand painted lambskin leather jacket with three quarter sleeves (previously posted here) which was a lucky thing for me because I am always cold in air conditioned spaces. Of course, this was a also a great opportunity to wear my Theory Gera suede gaucho pants with a contrasting blue and white horizontal stripe blouse form Banana Republic.

While visiting Patagonia, we stopped at this ‘hay and grain store’ where Argentinian cowboys shop for their goods and supplies. I stumbled on this phenominal belt made by local artisans and was blown away by the merging of silver detailing with and leather buckles that attach to contrasting fabrication on the back. It is like no other belt I have seen and I just had to bring it home!

I layered silver jewelry to tie in with the belt including a necklace borrowed from our favorite style guru Tamkeka (thank you Tameka!) and wrapped it all up with a pair of tan suede over-the-knee Roberto Cavalli boots.

How do you dress for air conditioning? Am I the only one freezing?

Have a great weekend :)

XO Kathleen

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