Game Changers

I’m not alluding to the “big game” this weekend…I’m referring to how I felt when I laid eyes on this black wool Alexander McQueen black Bouclé Dress with red and white leather lace-up Detail. The dress actually consists of 12 panels that are ergonomically shaped around the body and individually laced by hand - the entire process taking six hours!. This masterpiece was part of McQueen’s Fall 2017 collection which was inspired by the ancient traditions of Cornwall. In particular the sacred Cloutie trees that have colorful ribbons tied to them representing hopes and dreams of the residents of Cornwall.

How do I style this work of art? There’s not a lot I need to do….but, since its been so chilly, I am wearing/carrying my brown Oscar De La Renta fur vest which coordinates perfectly with my fur evening bag given to me years ago by Grandma June. (if you know, you know). I’m also wearing a pair of black Prada sock ankle sandals , a red leather Gucci charm bracelet and a black leather bracelet from Neiman Marcus with two charms that I sometimes wear as a choker.

What are the game changers in your wardrobe? and…who are you rooting for this weekend?

XO Kathleen

w4-black dress edit.jpg