All is calm, all is bright...

We’re almost there! right?

Some people say that the build up to special occasions is as much fun as the actual event. The anticipation of seeing people we that we love and sharing hugs and laughter is as sweetly intoxicating as a champagne toast on Christmas eve! I’m looking forward to traveling with my family and exploring a new terrain (more on that soon!). I’ve just attended my last holiday party and am ready to unplug!

For this holiday outfit, I am wearing a long black Calypso St Barth dress with gold sequin detailing around the neck and down the front. There’s also a slit in the center which gives a very elegant flow to its movement. I paired this with my extra large Gucci belt and coral suede Aquazzarra “Sexy Thing” sandals. I did not over accessorize because I love the sophistication and simplicity of this look.

I love hearing from you and appreciate your encouraging messages and texts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your supportive feedback and friendship.

I wish you the very best this Christmas, and of course…#onlyjoy