Valentino et al.


I love to mix clothing in creative and distinctive ways which is probably why I also love art so much. There's an exhilaration from creating an entirely unique look with something that's been sitting in your closet for months, or even years. The long sleeve floral knit Valentino dress that I'm wearing is from at least 3 seasons ago and still offers up quite a bit versatility. The top of the dress is slightly loose and has a see through mesh weave that could be made edgier by wearing a contrasting red or black bra underneath. Today, I've decided to play on the blue hues with my eternally classic Gap denim jean jacket (which I've had for nearly 15 years) and a pair of navy blue and black knee high fringe boots from Alexa Wagner's 2015 collection. I also stacked Hermes bracelets in blue tones and a Louis Vuitton 3 chain logo necklace that I deliberately wore on the side to highlight the movement that's possible with this look. The next time I wear this dress, I may opt for a more feminine look and wear a heeled sandal or open toed shoe with entirely different accessories that create a more delicate look. How would you wear it?  Have a fabulous week.  Xo Kathleen.