Hermes Holiday


Like many of you, I feel like we're all taking a breath with Thanksgiving is behind us, and preparing ourselves for the year-end celebrations and holidays (and deadlines!)  It's an enormous amount of pressure to tie up lose ends at work, to keep our existing commitments moving forward and take care of ourselves. 

I had a delightful holiday catching up with family members who were visiting, seeing old friends and of course spending time with my husband and son who was home for his break. 

For an afternoon brunch, I wore a favorite multi-colored, silk Hermes scarf printed dress with wool backing and optional wool tie around the waist.  Instead tying the wool belt on my waist, I opted for a Hermes scarf around my neck and a light blue multi colored Mulberry jacket.  I wanted a neutral toned boot that would compliment both the bright colors in my dress and also tie the Mulberry jacket all together, so I went with a pair of grey suede knee-high boots by Ralph Lauren.

 To give the outfit a little sparkle, I added some fun costume pearl bracelets and earrings from Neiman Marcus and my orange Hermes Watch... and of course, my Tiffany diamond wedding band.

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and are easing into this exciting season ahead!


Xo, Kathleen


IMG_8168 2.JPG