Thank you to NorthPark Mall, roberto cavalli and Patron Magazine in honoring the USTA Foundation

Thank you to NorthPark Mall, roberto cavalli and Patron Magazine in honoring the USTA Foundation
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Thank you all for coming out last night. I want to give a quick thanks to NorthPark, roberto cavalli, and Patron Magazine for supporting this wonderful event that benefits one of my favorite charities, the USTA Foundation. I love working with organizations that give back, and you all do that in spades. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

You know, even as we gathered last night in gorgeous surroundings, there are lots of kids in Dallas who were born into poverty most of us couldn’t imagine. But I also know, from experience, that a kid’s life can change in an instant. Somebody just needs to give them a chance, and a little bit of help.

That’s why I so vigorously support the USTA Foundation. 

Here’s the speed dating version of what they do: the USTA Foundation mission is simple - tennis and education can transform lives. How do they do it? They help at-risk kids develop the focus, discipline and grit they’ll need to get through the difficult game of Life. And they do it teaching and giving them access to tennis, which helps them develop that focus, discipline and grit. They also provide scholarships and life skills education to help kids build on what they learned on the court. 

In a nutshell, the USTA Foundation offers hope, encouragement and confidence to kids who need it. 

Thanks again for joining

XO Kathleen

PS - For styling details I am wearing ABITO CORTO IN GEORGETTE STAMPA “FLYING WINGS” CON PELLE TRAFORATA by Roberto Cavalli (of course) available here.  Also wearing my favorite Manolo Blahnik black suede Khomobi boot which I have in every color possible possible because they are so comfortable and love their pointed toe. I can run in them in an airport if I am late for the plane!  For jewelry, I have on a Tiffany Metro Watch and gold cuff from Alexis Bittar in addition to opal earrings and a blue and white iridescent opal choker that picks up the tones of the colors underneath the perforated black leather overlay dress. The choker is especially sentimental as it was made with stones from my mother's bracelet. 


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