Destination: Waco, Texas


I’ve been a fan of HGTV’s Fixer Upper for a long time. I’ve watched countless episodes and marveled at Chip and Joanna Gaines’ ability to transform tired or neglected spaces into brimming beautiful, functional homes. Their passionate and organic approach to home restoration combined with a genuine love for each other, their family, and their community is contagious and inspiring.

The Magnolia home base and retail shops are just 90 minutes away from where I live in Dallas. Serendipitously, my holiday guests were intent on making their way out to Waco to check out the Silos.. so, of course,... when in Rome...

Upon first approach, Waco appears like your typical modest American town. But when you turn the corner onto Webster Avenue, those glorious distressed twin Silos shown regularly on “Fixer Upper” instantly grab your attention.

The love and pride Chip and Joanna have for their hometown is visible in the square block that comprises the Magnolia Market, The Silos Bakery, and the open outdoor park filled with picnic tables, swings, and an array of food trucks that would make your mouth water. Joanna’s clean aesthetic is recognizable everywhere and it looks exactly like the TV show.

The Magnolia Market was bustling with customers and carried an array of old fashioned, classic Americana home furnishings, nostalgic decorative pieces and Christmas decorations in abundance.




The line to enter the Silos Bakery was wrapped around the corner but surprisingly only took 30 minutes to clear. I was surprised at how extraordinary the cupcakes tasted. In addition to being fresh, and beautifully presented in old fashioned parchment paper, the flavors were out of this world and not overly sweet.



There were numerous food trucks parked along the surrounding green where children were playing ball and tag in a scene so idyllic it almost seemed surreal. Approximately 15 food trucks surround the permitter of the green offering everything from gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to delicious brick oven pizzas. The list of trucks changes regularly and I’m told that each offer very tasty selections.



On the drive back to Dallas, it occurred to me that so many people love the Gaines’ TV show and brand, because of their authenticity and desire to be good humans, to raise a mindful, healthy family and also to do good in their community.

If you are in Texas, and can make your way over to Waco, I highly suggest checking out this little town bustling with enormous hope, pride and extremely good vibes.