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February Finds!

This month is the celebration of "Only Joy". I'm fortunate to experience joy when I spend time with the ones I love, my work, or whatever project I am engaged with. Sometimes, its when I have a moment by myself to reflect or when I'm lucky enough to travel and explore. For many of us, the ones we love may be attending school in another state, or live in another part of the world and our demanding schedules leave little time to cross things off our bucket list. I've always believed in the importance of finding inspiration all around us, and to nurture ourselves even when we have a small window of time to exhale. Reading a book about inspiring women or a favorite artist while slipping into a pair of soft handmade socks. Maybe drinking a blend of tea as pretty as it is delicious. Or sending a fun "I love you" in a tech savvy/creative way to those loved ones living far away. How do you nurture yourself? What are some of your sweet experiences of joy?