Lunar New Year Horoscopes!

Lunar New Year Horoscopes!

In the Chinese Zodiac The Pig represents luck, pleasure, wealth and prosperity. 

The Year of the Dog witnessed the highs and Lows of pack mentality—the dark side of blind loyalty to clan. 2019 encourages community and social justice, acknowledgment of the fact that we are all-in-this-together. Our natural tendency to want MORE will be front and center this year. But coupled with a heightened sense of community and fellowship, this dynamic can trigger an impulse to share that can serve as a major step towards mending the torn fabric of our HUMANE-ity.

Pigs are not particularly brave—they are naïve and often stumble in where angels fear to tread. It is up to us as stewards of this force to celebrate or curtail what is set in motion. We feed what we acknowledge. Here is how the vibration of the Year of the Earth Pig sparks fusion with the signs of the Western Zodiac.

Aries. You’ve stood firm against challenges to your authority and have learned a great deal from the battles you were willing to wage to protect your vision of professional success. This Alpha Dog mentality gives way to a more compassionate, playful side of your nature—encouraging you to turn inward and explore the value of personal esteem. What have your actions contributed to the Human Experience, and what do they say about your personal philosophy? Contemplate. Question. Discover.

Taurus. Relationships take on a candid, confessional tone as you explore the deep {if not dark} recesses of your mind. Role play, make a game of expressing desires you couldn’t possibly communicate directly as trust builds—and temperatures rise. These are indulgent, erotic times. Meditate in your mud-bath. Dare to share what you uncover. 

Gemini. Muddled thinking dissipates and partnerships thrive as a renewed sense of confidence inspires you to bond in more meaningful ways. You are proud of what you bring-to-the-table and ready to share the fruits of your labors. There’s a Lucky Charm on your horizon, treasure it.

Cancer. Do not allow the vibration of the Frolicking Nesters of the Chinese zodiac to throw you off track. Get very serious in regard to your self-care routine and stick to it! Be stubborn about putting yourself first. Learn to share your EXCESS, not give away your pot! Be comfortable parenting self for a change. The clan will benefit.

Leo. Your inner King or Queen hold court this year in dramatic fashion. Be bold and kind, Just and fair—nourish the provinces in word and deed. Set the daily grind to autopilot for a bit and explore the idea of ceremony in your life. Consider how you RULE—how you celebrate others as well as yourself. Throw the ballast overboard and relish the flair and intensity of a light touch.

Virgo. Root and rummage. Refine the Earth Pig’s unrivaled sense of smell and mine your territory, literally and figuratively, for buried treasure. There’s gold in them thar hills and at your core you are made of it. Imagine the all fun you’ll have with what you find…

Libra. You’ve longed for a deeper rapport and now is the time to say what you have to say. Smoke signals, sign language, interpretive dance, morse code—none of it worked. This year the conversation will be brought to you, so speak plainly, and from the heart. Conversations saturate the wee hours of the night. Inspired dream states follow. Savor this time.

Scorpio. Understand that riding-the-wave of minutiae leads to the expanse of the Bigger Picture—so get caught-up! Loose yourself in the details! Know that your place in the scheme of things is written in the small print. This is not the time to make final judgements about what is of use and what isn’t. Tune out the noise and follow the bass—there is wisdom in taking the time to expand your bag of tricks.

Sagittarius. Who We Are is the single most important contribution we make to the World—an interesting fact when you consider that absolute knowledge of what this means is only quantifiable via our effect on what exists outside of our self. As you explore uncharted territory this year, take note of First Impressions. Enjoy the journey to the center of your-self in the eyes of others. Be honest about what you find. Fix what is broken.

Capricorn. This is a year of harvest for you, or RECKONING, more to the point. Your consciousness—SELF or otherwise, will expand, and all that you encounter this year will serve as a mirror into your Soul. YOU WILL FEEL FULL. Hopefully this is a good thing. If not, an exploration in to the dark side of all forms of possession is in order.

Aquarius. If you are feeling uncharacteristically lost or isolated, Piggy-Back on a close friend’s goodwill. Feeling unsure of where you want to fit in is a signal that you need the shelter of energies that you trust. If soldiering on solo despite the accompanying melancholy is more your thing, find a cause to devote your attention to. You’ve got thoughts to spare and perspective to cultivate. Walk a mile in another’s shoes, 

Pisces. The vibrational frequency of the Earth Pig adds a very interesting tone to Western astrology’s depiction of your sign as two fish swimming in opposite directions. You will shine as the creative Shapeshifter that you are as this year’s vibration of grounded enthusiasm steadies your often maddeningly inconsistent efforts forward. You are a kaleidoscope of potentialities struggling break-ground and be seen. This is your year.