Juice, anyone?


We tend to charge off into Spring like a shot—full of hope and purpose. We clean, we purge, we set intentions, yet all too often find ourselves slumped over our keyboards mid June, googling the latest trend in rapid-detox for the beach season. 

A friend of mine, a Healer Mama of sorts— has been following a juicing protocol made popular by a man called Anthony William, a self-proclaimed Medical Medium.

A somewhat controversial figure in the alternative wellness community, Anthony William is NOT a medical doctor. He is however, a major proponent of whole, healthy foods and the bestselling author of three books, Medical MediumLife Changing Foods, and Thyroid Healing, with a forth book, The Liver Detox, due out in October. 

The proposed health benefits of juicing are certainly not new, but Anthony William takes the idea of healing foods a step further. His protocols infuse fruits and vegetables with attributes well beyond their documented scientific properties. 


A quick internet search will no doubt leave your heading spinning. His detractors and followers are many. 

Yes. He stops just short of anthropomorphizing produce—asserting that in addition to being good for you, specific fruits and vegetables can offer emotional as well as spiritual support. And as a Medium, a person who can connect and communicate with “Spirit” or “the other side”, Anthony William claims to hear a voice that guides him to the root of illness in the body. 

Naturally, our response to these claims will depend on our belief systems. 

But as a health conscious human, I believe there is a bottom line: There is no harm in paying closer, more specific, even ritualized attention to the foods we ingest.

The friend I mentioned at the top of this article? She’s been enjoying an unusually mild allergic response to a Spring that’s been positively bursting with pollen. And a very good friend of hers has experienced a marked shift towards successfully managing an off-kilter thyroid. They set aside time every morning, or in the evening as the last meal of the day, to prepare celery juice—a rock star in the Medical Medium’s fruit and vegetable utopia, known for its powerful anti-inflammatory and gut alkalizing properties.

A hearty bunch of fresh, organic celery should yield approximately 16 ounces of juice. A juicer is ideal, as the beneficial enzymes in celery juice are best absorbed sans pulp. Using a plain old kitchen blender and straining through a nut bag, or cheesecloth, works great too. 

Over time, the daily act of handling, separating, rinsing, and chopping the celery as you prepare it for juicing becomes an exercise in mindfulness. Add to this the purported calming benefits of the juice itself and you’ve welcomed a kind of meditative space into your day, or evening. 


As with any wellness protocol, it is very important to carefully consider what resonates with you—and never under any circumstance allow a self-prescribed alternative path to take the place of traditional medical advice or supervision.

So let’s set aside some time each day for a juicing ritual and check-in with each other after a couple of months, shall we?