Here are our Summerscopes fresh off the desk of The Hermit Crab!

ARIES. Honest feedback from friends and associates will prove invaluable this Summer. An uncharacteristic turn inward finds you steeped in thought-FULL-ness, but you lack the ability to assess your findings objectively. Amongst other things, you’re wondering whether you’ve given too much or too little to a cause you felt quite passionate about at the beginning of the year, and you are notorious for running into trouble at either extreme. Honor the voices of others this Summer. Give them a reason to want to cheer you on.

TAURUS. You’ve thoroughly digested your moment of clarity. You fully accept what can stay and what must go. The groundwork has been laid for a new beginning and yet you remain unsteady in your footsteps. Someone close to you is making you second-guess yourself, causing you to question your authority. A pattern from your youth is at play here. It may even be worth revisiting your relationship dynamic with one or both of your parents. Don’t squander all the ground you’ve gained. Take only what’s important from the past—the rest is a ghost.

GEMINI. Random stranger-chatter on one’s commute can be a bummer, and you’ve been on both sides of this transaction since you could talk. But casual conversation can sometimes pack an unexpected punch, sending us down a trail of thought we wouldn’t have otherwise chosen to take. An Aha Moment may be sitting in the seat next to you—with the clue to your next move. A business turned pleasure trip may prove to be the highlight of your Summer.

CANCER. Consider intimacy. How you express it, receive it, expect it, and function without it. You are reflective by nature and as a result, tend to respond to closeness in a reactionary manner. If being intimate has become a reaction to how others see you in the moment, rather than a spontaneous form of self-expression, you will find yourself simply mirroring the best as well as the worst in those closest to you. Most importantly, you will never allow another to truly know who you are—which is ultimately what true intimacy demands.

LEO. Being asked to reconsider your position on a matter you thought settled is not your idea of light Summer fare, but here you are. Compromise is not your strong suit, and sharing your lair is an exercise in restraint at the best of times. Play around with the notion that you may have somehow, perhaps inadvertently forgot to ask another for their opinion before considering a case closed, and that their current prickliness is a result of that faux pas. Giving way from a position of strength can be a very sexy maneuver. What a noble way to heat up your Summer. 

VIRGO. Adopting a more Philosophical attitude about why people do-the-things-they-do may be in order. One minute you’re plugging away, feeling good, and the next you’re struggling out of a pit you didn’t even know was there. Yes, there is only one Truth, but there is more than one path to it. Live and let live. A tall order these days, for sure. Perhaps impossible, even. But in your small corner of the Universe, your sanity depends on it. State your Truth, and keep it movin’.

LIBRA. A relation—or relationship—from your past may resurface this Summer. You will find yourself feeling wistful, romanticizing the person you were before being forced into real life. This exchange has arrived on the scene to offer you a unique opportunity to look at yourself through a time-sensitive three-way-mirror of sorts. Past, present and future converge this Summer presenting you with the benefit of both hindsight and future-sight. Re-create, re-model, re-join, re-visit, re-kindle. Cobble together the You of your dreams, with purpose. 

SCORPIO. This Summer will take you back to your roots. In one way or another you will revisit aspects of yourself you believe you have long since mastered. In your wanderings you may also recover a special personality quirk you may have left behind in favor of a more adult way of being. Refine and assimilate. Should you stumble and reanimate an old wound, stay with the feelings the memories conjure—they may lead you to the answer regarding so many of the quandaries you’ve lost your way inside of this year.

SAGITTARIUS. Your concept is sound, now lift up your voice. It is not like the Archer to be at a loss for words—but you’ve been burned and are sick of arguing. You’ve cheered the team on with gusto despite your misgivings, but the time has come for a huddle and a rethink. Never one to shy away from delivering a well-deserved I told you so, have your say and get back in the game. There are folks waiting in the wings to jump on your bandwagon. They knew you were right the whole time.

CAPRICORN. An enterprise you’ve taken sole responsibility for will come under scrutiny this Summer, and you are feeling the pressure. Be prepared to face the fact that you may not have led with the best of intentions—and that it will show in your bottom line. You may find yourself reconsidering potentially valuable contributions you may have chosen to overlook, a signal that you are on the right path. Lead with your heart this Summer, not with your chin.

AQUARIUS. You will lay a new foundation this Summer. Your intention to make things better has turned to fury over the past few months, and your resolute tread may have caused a fissure underfoot. Ask yourself where you feel most compelled to dig in for a grassroots rebellion—and rethink your way forward. Mend fences with those in authority who genuinely want to help but may have misunderstood your original vision. It’s time to join forces with like-minded others.

PISCES. Make wish-lists. Journal. This Summer, get the dreams and visions inside of your head down on paper and work diligently at creating new ones. A clean-slate is a rare thing. Experiment with focusing your attention on a desire and watching the road open with opportunities to fulfill it. Play with asking questions out loud and recognizing the answers hidden in the signposts along the way. This will entail work, but it is the work of utilizing the special abilities we are all born with—to varying degrees—but usually consider too fantastical to use in daily life. Clear a space for whimsy!