Spring Horoscopes!


Spring has sprung!  Here are some predictions for the season from our friend, The Hermit Crab!.

Aries – You’re feeling tempted to pull away from away from the pack this Spring. Beware the promptings of a restless heart. You’ll be wrenched back into place by the Powers That Be in a flash if you stray too far from your center. Projecting your inertia in to some form of outward challenge may have worked for you in the past, but will do nothing but trip you up at this time. Understand that there is no new seat of power out there for you to seize at the moment – and any enemy to your progress is in the mirror staring back at you. Your present challenge, is to challenge what constitutes a challenge. Make sense?


Taurus – How are you managing the distillation process? Are you feeling any closer to that simple, honest “yes” or “no” answer that will set the stage for your new beginning? Or have you allowed yourself to take refuge inside the hollowed shell of a situation that no longer serves you? Shelter from the storm is one thing, but hiding at the crossroads will be your undoing. Even well intended friends could steer you off course.  The Truth has already shown itself to you, and if there is anything left to reconsider, it is only how best to express it.  


Gemini – You took the leap, but somehow managed to get turned around on the landing. Not quite sure where you are, a compass bearing followed by a closer look at your mapped-out plan is in order. You’ve grown weary of authority and hesitate to ask for assistance, but you need a fresh pair of eyes to get you to your next step. A friend of yours blessed with a Eureka Moment Mentality will come to your aid and help straighten out the kinks. They’ll poke a few holes in your logic – but all bubbles will remain gloriously intact.

Cancer – Spring fever is a palpable thing for you Lunar babies, so have a quick dip in the water and then scurry back to shore.  You’ve got way too much to do and the risk of being pulled out with the tide is much too great this Spring. Did I say risk? Make that DESIRE.  You’ll find yourself embroiled in one last drama before you’re free to float off into the Wild Blue Yonder — only this time, you’ll  be in charge of how heated things get. 

Leo – At this point, you’re feeling baffled, waiting for the plot twist – wondering if you’ve missed something important while lifting yourself out of downward facing dog. Meditative stillness is a fancy term for being STUCK, you’ve decided, and you’re done with it. This is Spring with an added kick of adrenaline and you choose Fight over Flight. It’s your call. But you might want to jot down the Golden Rule on the palm of your hand before you storm off.

Virgo – One minute you’re puttering along happily, and the next... See that frowny-faced mob gathering out front? You’re not sure how it happened – and you are certainly not pleased – but you’ve been tapped to host a Spiritual Spring Cleaning Seminar. They’ll trample your grass and even the dog will tire of all the droning and sad-sacking, but you’ll soldier through with Grace. Something about that Emotional Compost Bin you built out back last winter... Word on the street is you’re a Healer.

Libra – Ok. Allow yourself one last pitiful gasp – and then GET ON WITH IT. You can build momentum by focusing your efforts on controlling what you can control, in yourself, not others. Just when you’re ready to listen to reason your significant other may be feeling too burned out to offer even one more word of advice or encouragement. But this is just as well. This Spring, it’s important for you to work on making decisions with only your own voice inside of your head. Both the outcomes and the accolades will be yours to keep.

Scorpio – Important conversations left hanging. Emotional fallout unattended to.  Confrontations left unresolved or even worse, hidden from, will absolutely fester and threaten to corrode your confidence this Spring. On the one hand, you’re feeling optimistic about the future and experiencing a sense of being in rhythm with time, but something undigested lurks in the shadows. Purge.

Sagittarius – A day in your life is like waking from a really intense dream that you can feel, but not remember. You are longing for someone, and can feel their breath on your neck while you wait for your water to boil. You have a flash of how different your old house felt home sick from school on a weekday. You can almost grasp the concept that time is not linear, as you feel tangled in a loop of past, present, and future. This Spring is a loop. A time to remember, and savor, and plan.

Capricorn –  Seems you’re still plugging away at upending the status quo – much to the chagrin of a few in your circle who preferred it when you led with a more measured approach to things. If this revolution has been rooted in purging toxic, unhealthy patterns from your internal emotional flora, you are poised to have a blissfully illuminating Spring. How do those closest to you respond when you ask, “So, what do you think?” If you’ve been at constant odds with your environment you probably won’t get a response – but that wince on their face speaks volumes.

Aquarius – You’ve had just about all you intend to take from a person in your inner circle who refuses to play fair. Your frustrations reach a boiling point this Spring and you’ll find yourself feeling uncharacteristically confrontational. Before you lash out,                                                   consider the adage about the pen being mightier than the sword. The exercise of getting your thoughts down on paper may lead you to the realization that your grievance with this person is philosophical rather than behavioral. Conclude, and then decide whether to confront, or to mentor. The result is enlightenment, either way.

Pisces – The importance of this time cannot be overstated. A juncture has been reached where who you are, as you are, is exactly what is necessary to move a very specific energy in your Universe forward. No matter the size of the undertaking you’ve been called to lead – the end result will have a monumental effect on life as you know it. You will draw on much of what has come before, and some of it may be painful. Know that the line between leading and following is a fine one. Let one foot in front of the other be your mantra.