Your Ideal Valentine's Day?


We asked our friends..."What is your ideal Valentines Day like?"

Here are some of our favorite responses!


"Going for tea at the St Regis with my husband and then ordering in for dinner later that night. I hate being in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day". 

Susan - Banker and Mom -CT


“A sweet thought- even just flowers and nice dinner “ - Amanda - 50 - Atlanta


“My ideal valentines date would include a night of live jazz, a great dinner and a nightcap with either great wine or some good tea preferably over a game of chit chat cards so that I learn something new about my love that I didn’t know before.” 

Jillian - Writer - NYC


“My ideal date would to do something fun together …like a cooking class where we can interact and laugh while making something delicious. Maybe a movie and snuggles after” 

Ruby 51- Music Supervisor


“Meet in Grand Central Station on a warm summer day.  Grab the shuttle to Times Square and take the 7 train to Willets Point-Citifield.  Go to a 4 pm Mets game. Stand in line together at Shake Shack for dinner.  High five each other when a Mets player hits a home run.  Take the train back to GCT and go to Annie Moore's on 41st for cocktails.”  

Lori - Fla - College Professor


" goes...morning workout followed by a "spa day" then "Linner" at one of my fave restaurants ...perhaps browse for books in Barnes and and Noble...before or after...end with a walk along the water(Hudson) with views to NYC...ALL without any cellphones...just conversation and laughter".

Keith - Motivational Speaker - NYC


“The truth is, every day is Valentines when I’m with her”

Cory - Commercial director - London


“She would be disappointed if I didn’t have flowers and a gift, but my. ideal Valentine’s day would start of with a long drive to a B&B followed by a day of skiing and then a romantic dinner”

James - Investment Banker - 20 something -NYC


“Valentine’s Day isn’t a big deal for me, but I know it is to my girlfriend, so my ideal day would be spent making her happy with things I know she enjoys.  Flowers, Gucci and Me”

Dan - Music Executive - NYC


“My ideal Valentine’s Day is a long hike with my dogs, a hot bath and a 5 star meal prepared by a chef in my home.  Oh, and if you want to throw in Drake that’d be ok too”

Kimmy - Stylist - Los Angeles


"My ideal Valentine’s Day would be getting little thoughtful surprises throughout the day, like finding cute handwritten notes in my bag, flowers, and chocolates. Then just a really nice dinner either to one of my favorites or a new place with good reviews."

Devon - 21- Boston


"My husband and I have been married for almost 24 years so needless to say we have shared many Valentine's Days together. Up until a few years ago we spent every single Valentine's Day with my mother in law as  her birthday fell february 15th. Sounds like a nightmare right? Well to tell you the truth , I wasn't always so eager of the thought but we always made the best of it and had a good time.  Now, in an odd twist , since my mother in law is no longer with us we both miss her and  sharing our V day with her." 

Teri - Real Estate - Florida


Ok, your turn!  Let's hear YOUR ideal Valentine's day below!