Valentine's Day Horoscopes 2018


She's Back!  Here are your Valentines Day horoscopes courtesy of The Hermit Crab.  

Happy V Day :)

Aries – Your lover wants your undivided attention, if only just to sit with you in silence for a while. Demands made on your time have left your otherwise passionate, driven spirit feeling burned out and restless – but you tend to smolder when you fume, and it makes you irresistible. Intimacy is a controlled-burn this year, and will almost certainly take the edge off.

Taurus – To have. To hold. To touch. Your normally grounded, sensual nature is becoming quite philosophical in matters of the heart. A rootedness in the physical, even pedestrian flow of love is giving way to a more cerebral, perhaps intangible form of expression. A lover whom you have to shape to fit may not survive these times. What you seek is wholeness of spirit. A soul-full-ness that literally speaks to your heart, as well as fills it.

Gemini – Isn’t it ironic that you find your self obsessing over situations that won’t stop shifting about? Your vibrant sense of curiosity has morphed into mercurial pensiveness (read; chronic irritability), and you have felt uncharacteristically tightly wound. Romance has been overshadowed by your struggle to hit your target out in the world. But take heart. The tension you’re experiencing is the result of a phenomenon known as the Archer’s Paradox. Your heart will open as the arrow rights itself. A nod to cupid will be in order.

Cancer – You emerge a bit unsteady, a patchwork of your former self. But the best bits have been salvaged and sewn-in, and reinforced at the seems. You are a superhero when loving unconditionally and with this quilt as your protective cloak – your crab shell having been irretrievably broken – you will find your footing, or be found.

Leo – You paint your public persona in bright, bold swaths of color, but behind closed doors you are more subdued, most recently especially. Loyalty is a must for you and the fact that you’ve found yourself questioning a member of your inner circle, or yourself, has you concerned. Be careful not to project your shadow on to an elusory vibration that may or may not become a “situation.” Nothing will feel as good to you these days as retiring to your lair and into the arms of your significant other. Simply be what you demand. Anything hiding in the shadows will be exposed soon enough. And you will tend to it, and carry on.

Virgo – To label you a perfectionist is to miss the point of your true motivation in love – for your intention is not necessarily to perfect, but to purify. To perfect is to make absolute, static. To purify is to make free from, to clear the way for. You are motivated by an urge to cultivate and bring forth, to promote – in  order to sustain. A sense of purpose is a must for you in your relationships. Is this your year?

Libra – Graceful, classic, and oftentimes, insular. Love can become a manifestation of a thought process rather than an expression of affection if you are not mindful. Thoughts can lead to a meticulously executed vision of something that looks like love, but love is not the perfect six course meal, it is the impetus to make it. Have you noticed how confrontational your relationships have become? There is an invisible barrier between you and the object of your affections. Allow the façade to dissolve. Pierce the veil. Confront and fall in love.

Scorpio – Is fear of surrender masquerading as intensity? Do still waters run deep,  or are you simply stagnating in a loss for words? The mythology that has grown around your nature has overwhelmed the basic spirit of how you love. A faithful, gentle breeze of a person has caught your attention, signaling your readiness to transcend the extremes of your reputation. It is FOREVER that you seek – not control.

Sagittarius – Free. Spirited. Often seen held together by a hyphen, these two words have become inexcusably trivialized. Only when allowed to stand on their own do they capture your essence in love. Free to be passionate, to be vital, to be Spirit. This year you have decided that you’d like to be anchored while you roam – having  learned the hard way that if you wander off too far Life moves on without you. The leather binder where you log your adventures has proven a poor substitute for a home base. Love is the kite-string you entrust your partner with.

Capricorn – Who are you, vulnerable and stripped of authority? Anxious is a word that springs to mind – and it does not sit well with you. The fact is that over time, you have allowed yourself to be defined by what you do, what you have to offer, even who you know. You’ve fashioned quite a shield for yourself, living in a suit of armor, trapped in outward trappings. Allowing yourself to be handled by someone who wants to see inside you will prove to be a selfless act of deconstruction.

Aquarius – Visionary. Idealistic. Eccentric. Independent. You’ve grown weary of the times as well as the terms used to describe what motivates you. In a World where very little currently makes sense, you struggle to understand, and to be understood. Someone who is as mystified as you are is waiting in the wings, hoping to catch your eye, and eventually your heart. You will make perfect sense to each other and together, decide that the World can wait. 


Pisces – Nuance. Shadow and Light. Love for you is at once up close and personal, and yet just far enough out of reach to allow for the longing that compels you to move forward in relationships. The lover who wants to help steady your heart is bewildered by the air of ambivalence your sometimes haphazard movements tend to create. Know that the Space Between is where your Magic lives. It’s a World cloaked in chiaroscuro tones where you can sit in the dark with your lover – the look on their face hidden in shadow – leaving your imagination free to wonder. Also known as Reality, it’s a place where the drama of feeling lonely in a crowd is real. A place where it is perfectly normal for some of us to long for what is right in front of us.