Astrological insights into 2018


The first day of the New Year is filled with potential! Here are your astrological insights for 2018 from our friend, The Hermit Crab!


Aries - If you’ve exercised soft-control in the manner of wielding your iron fist in a velvet glove, this will be the year you come to appreciate that becoming your own authority is a process and not a military coup. Whether you’ve truly grown in power or have become notorious for your random attempts to seize it - those in your corner of the Universe will see who you for who you really are. 

Taurus - You feel full - in a way that borders on causing you discomfort as of late. An emptying-out is in order. It is time to decide what stays and what goes. While the idea of The Ideal has its place - this is not the year to lead with a vision of what could be. Look squarely at the reality of what is, and commence with your ritual draining. You will find the hearty stock that remains most nourishing. 

Gemini - You are nearing the final stretch of this latest tightrope walk. You’ve got life-altering decisions to make, and you have weighed the pros and cons of actions you’ve considered taking for what has felt like an eternity. Continue to fine-tune your vision. The cusp of a change of season will be glorious. Make sure the breakthrough truly speaks to who you are - and then, take action!

Cancer - You have been profoundly changed. Either completely pulled apart or time-worn. Events may have appeared to be completely random, but you know better. The dust begins to settle and with it, seeds from your roots torn asunder. Something will sprout from a place other than where it was originally planted. This is a good, scary thing. How else but by an act of the Goddess could The Moon be disrupted from her normal rotation. Don’t worry, the Universe will adjust to the new rhythm. 

Leo - Your pace may slow this year. Hard to hear for those ruled by the Lion - but there is wisdom in it. Should you find yourself at a crossroads, take the road-less-travelled to the gate of the Long Think. The time has come for you to consider how you truly feel about where you currently stand, rather than continuing to foster your habit of plotting and strategizing your next move. Being still may be the hardest task you set for yourself this year. What is borne of the stillness may prove most enlightening.

Virgo - You've suffered a bit, building your sand castles too close to shore. The simple truth is that you haven't been quite sure what is meant to last, and what amounts to life’s way of exercising future potentialities. The ocean will carry on as it always does - but by miracle or magic - something will survive the tide. And it will serve you well, as all things hard earned do. 

Libra - Talk of grand plans and dazzling potential. Dramatic confrontations and bittersweet resolutions. You’ve become invested in quite a bit of theatre all the while knowing that only the knot in your stomach is real. You must mine the depths this year for an opportunity that was missed in all the grandstanding. Mend the tear in the fabric of your life. You will fall deeply in love with being real.   

Scorpio - You have been wound incredibly tight, having your values and even your most cherished visions of yourself challenged. If you’ve made a habit of lashing out, there will be fences to be mended. If you’ve made an honest effort to establish yourself as a plain-speaking voice in the lives of those closest to you, this is will be an incredibly satisfying year. Whether you are mending fences or enjoying the fruits of the hard work you’ve done on yourself - let the World experience you. Speak. Write. Sing. Choose your medium! 

Sagittarius - If we truly create our own reality, the Archer is in for quite a journey. You will create a new home for yourself this year - metaphorically, in terms of how you choose to live - or literally, as in where. As the wanderlust sets in, inventory what you value most in life and make sure it’s safe and sound. Then proceed to let your mind.. go. 

Capricorn - Abrupt endings or hopeful beginnings. There is what we tell ourselves, and there is the Truth. You’ve instigated many changes in your efforts to shore-up-your-foundations. Have you led with an intention to serve the greater good, or to protect the parts of yourself that have felt uncharacteristically exposed and vulnerable? You have worked very hard at the life that you currently have - assess what that means to you this year. Or look deeply into the eyes of those who love you, where the truth lives. 

Aquarius - You have either been very vocal in your dismay, or uncharacteristically detached from events that have sent major parts of your World as you’ve known it into chaos. The Big Picture currently mocks the Little Picture - but you understand them to be a reflection of each other. You are a catalyst - buck the system you want changed one good deed at a time this year. The ripple effect you create will do the rest. 

Pisces - The fog lifts. Your struggles with partners, with authority, with yourself, finally make sense.  You’ve been projecting your shadow-self on to others - fighting your own reflection in the mirror. The ones who love you most have not escaped the confusion unscathed, but they are standing by, waiting to welcome you home.